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Abbey Hotel, Bath

The Story

Working closely with Melissa Bramall and the Street Design Partnership, Ulster Carpets created distinctive axminster carpets that seamlessly link the various elements of the popular Abbey Hotel in Bath.

This charming boutique hotel perfectly reflects a unique, feel-good atmosphere that combines a city’s vibrant contemporary culture with a rich history and heritage.

Featuring individually styled bedrooms alongside the Art Bar and Koffmann & Mr. White’s – a brasserie-style eatery headed up by renowned chefs Pierre Koffmann and Marco Pierre White – Street Design Partnership and Ulster Carpets took inspiration from Bath’s thriving art scene.

This included cinematography, print room and art gallery themes for the bedrooms through to an ‘artist in residence’ scheme in the Art Bar.

The carpet is an essential element of the overall interior design, particularly in the Art Bar. For this area, the designers at Ulster were tasked with creating a finish inspired by the paint splatters and drips that rugs and sheets on an artist’s studio floor would collect over time. This is perfectly complemented by elements such as the high poser tables which have bespoke paint smears across the worktops and the paint splattered school stacker chairs.

Providing a depth of textures and a splash of spontaneous colour, the complementary style of Ulster Carpets effortlessly enhances the overall vision of Melissa Bramall.