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Modern Slavery Statement

Ulster Carpets welcomes the enactment of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and fully supports the government objective to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking.

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires Ulster Carpets to publish a statement on its website of the steps taken to prevent modern slavery occurring within the business and its supply chains.

Organisational Structure
Ulster Carpets is a family owned business, with over 80 years experience in carpet manufacturing. We are dedicated to quality, service and the pursuit of excellence. To achieve this level of quality, we control every part of the manufacturing process within the UK, from buying and processing the wool at our site in Dewsbury through to winding, dyeing and weaving at our Northern Ireland Headquarters. Ulster’s carpets can be found on the floors of hotels, cruise ships and famous venues around the world.

We want our customers to be confident that both we and our business partners share the same high standards, values and commitment to treat all employees fairly, with respect for human rights, and to ensure they are not exposed to unsafe working conditions or forced to work under slavery. As such we ensure that all Northern Ireland and UK employment laws and recruitment practices are complied with.

We have a number of internal procedures in place to ensure modern slavery does not occur in our business, these include:

  • Providing all employees with contracts of employment
  • Ensuring all employees are of legal working age and receiving at least the National Minimum Wage
  • Ensuring documentation checks are done to confirm employees have the right to work
  • Provision of a safe place to work through our Health & Safety policy

Supply Chain
Ulster Carpets expects all suppliers to be aware of our position on modern slavery and trafficking and to adhere to the same high standards.

We continually evaluate our contracts with suppliers. If potentially high risk contracts are identified, these will be assessed and reviewed.

Further Steps
Over the next financial year and beyond we are committed to reviewing and enhancing our policies and procedures to help reduce the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking

This statement will be reviewed annually.

Nick Coburn
Group Managing Director

For and on behalf of the Directors of Ulster Carpet Mills (Holdings) Limited

Dated 2nd May 2019