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Premium wool for premium carpets

When it comes to luxury carpets, wool is the perfect material.

We source premium wool from farmers across the UK and Ireland and then spin, dye and weave this fantastic natural raw material into luxury carpets that are found in homes across the world.

We are the only carpet manufacturer in the UK to have our own wool processing company in Yorkshire, called Ulster Yarns, and every stage of the journey from spinning the wool to weaving takes place in the United Kingdom.

Wool is soft and luxurious and, importantly, it can be rapidly regrown within 12 months. With a water-repellent coating and an overlapping layer of protective scale, wool is naturally resistant to liquids and also traps dirt and dust near to surface so it can be easily vacuumed away.

Ulster’s offering

Offering an extensive range of Axminster, Wilton and Loop carpets, there is at least 80% wool in each one of our carpets. We also offer a number of 100% wool ranges to customers who want a completely natural finish. 

We transform wool into beautiful carpet such as York Wilton Oyster.

This year we expanded the York Wilton range to 60 colours.

It is 30 years since Ulster Carpets started weaving Wilton carpets. York Wilton was first introduced in 1993 and since then it has been a mainstay in our collection.

The latest release of 11 new colours introduces warmer neutrals and earth tones. Matching the current trend of home-owners bringing the outside in, these stylish colours reflect feelings of safe, warm spaces at home. The new colours also connect with earth’s natural materials and echo relationships with our resources.

Take a look at our wool-rich carpets and don’t forget to call into your Ulster retailer or to order samples online: https://ulstercarpets.com/residential/choose-a-carpet/ranges/