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01.07.20 - Natural Choice

Six new designs in Ulster’s Natural Choice

With consumers looking for interior products that are also sympathetic to the planet, Ulster Carpets has built on the success of the eco-friendly Natural Choice collection with these six new stunning designs.

Using 100% natural, undyed wool to minimise the impact on the environment, the Natural Choice range is made by blending high quality wool from different sheep breeds to create a broad colour bank of entirely natural colours. Ulster has full control over every stage of this process to consistently create carpet of the highest quality.

The collection celebrates the diversity of artisan skills handed down through generations and reflects cultural references from across the world. The natural element also permeates each design, with references to palm materials, traditional Japanese ceramics, spiritual symbols, poured wax, traditional Tibetan designs and mineral patterns.

Natural Choice is a woven axminster, suitable for extra heavy wear and available in 4.57m, 3.66m, 2.74m, 1.83m, 0.91m MultiWidths. Our unique MultiWidths service allows customers to buy the amount of carpet that they need. This reduces the cost of the carpet, the cost of fitting and the amount of waste produced – therefore kinder to the environment.

Take a look at our environment page to read about how Ulster is ‘Making a Difference’.