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Benefits of Wool

Safe and Sound | Discover The Advantages of Wool

Wool offers a wide range of advantages and one of the key factors from a safety perspective is that it is flame retardant. Due to the natural structure of the wool fibre, it doesn’t easily ignite, melt, drip or release noxious fumes in a fire.

You can also enjoy a quieter home thanks to the improved acoustic performance of a carpet. Unlike hard floors, wool-rich carpets absorb sound and reduce impact noise, so you won’t hear every single footstep!

grey wool carpet in house
Open Spaces Laneve Auckland Sidewalk

Not only does this all help to make your home safe and sound but, as a natural fibre, wool is also a healthy option. Wool is hygienic and non-allergenic and, as research has proven, it reduces airborne dust by trapping it in its top layer, which can then be easily hoovered up.

different types of wool

In addition, wool doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria and is unsuited to dust mites – more reasons why it is perfect for people with asthma or allergies! These are just some of the reasons why the natural characteristics of wool result in such a beautiful carpet.

You can read more about the benefits of wool on our website – www.ulstercarpets.com/residential