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Ulster Carpets are once again proudly supporting Wool Week.

This year’s theme is ‘Feel Better, Choose Wool’ and focuses on the natural performance benefits of using this sustainable material.

The first recorded use of wool was around 4,000 BC while there is also proof of woollen garments being worn in Britain around 3,000 BC. While we haven’t been manufacturing for quite that long, wool has always been the material of choice for Ulster Carpets.

Here are just some of the reasons why we continue to use wool:

  • Comfort – Not only does an Ulster carpet look good, it also feels good too. This is thanks to wool’s natural softness that offers greater comfort and luxury underfoot.

  • Appearance – Wool helps to preserve the look of our carpets for longer. It naturally retains colour for longer while its extraordinary elasticity allows it to bounce back into its original shape.

  • Cleaning – Always high on the agenda when it comes to choosing a carpet! Wool has a natural coating that helps stop dirt and stains from penetrating the carpet.
Sheep grazing. Wool Week 2021
  • Health – As a natural fibre, wool is hygienic and non-allergenic, making it perfect for people with asthma or allergies.

  • Safety – Unlike man-made fibres, wool is naturally flame retardant. It doesn’t melt, stick to the skin or produce toxic fumes when heat is applied.

  • Sustainability – Wool is a naturally produced material. Sheep regrow their fleece every year, providing us with a sustainable material that doesn’t impact the planet.

Wool Week is an effective way to share these messages – so much so that, in recent years, Wool Week has been extended to cover a longer period in the Autumnal wool season.

So from 4th-31st October, Ulster Carpets will help spread that message and show everyone how choosing wool can make you feel better.

For more information on Wool Week 2021, or wool in general, visit campaignforwool.org or read our Wool Fact Sheet.