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London Design Week 2022

Packed with creativity, inspiration, and innovation, London Design Week is a celebration of the best design has to offer.

The five-day event gives attendees the opportunity to discover the latest trends in design with a wide range of world-class displays showcasing amazing interior designs, colours, fabrics, and more. This is particularly beneficial to those in the design industry, who can gain valuable inspiration from the event to inspire their own future creations.

This year’s London Design Week recently took place, running from March 13 – 18 at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, and attending this amazing event were our Residential Designers, Clare Jenkinson and Calvin Pope, who were truly inspired by the amazing displays on show.

Speaking after the event, Clare and Calvin mentioned that the quality of the designs on display was extraordinary with lots of gorgeous designs rooted in craft and inspired by art.

Many of the colours on display were very much earthy tones. These were paired with a lot of ceramic art pieces and greens which were accompanied by real plants and foliage. Our connection to the natural world was truly reflected in the materials being used.

Bright and optimistic colours also took center stage with luminous pastels creating an uplifting atmosphere at the show.

The quality of these designs and the unique colour palettes on display will surely offer Clare and Calvin valuable inspiration as they go through the process of creating new designs and colourways for our wonderful carpet collections.

It can be a long process and one that requires a high level of forward-thinking. From initial concepts to the eventual launch, it can take two or three years to develop a new colour, pattern or collection. For this reason, exhibitions such as London Design Week are fundamental for offering valuable inspiration to designers.

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