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Loop Carpet Explained

A loop carpet perfectly combines colour and texture to create a focal point for any room.

Matching the quality of Axminster and Wilton carpets, a Loop carpet creates a very different flooring finish.

This combination of a textured finish, a variety of finishes and a comprehensive colour palette will add sophistication to any room.

Ulster terraen loop carpet
Ulster terraen Oska Kaffe. Image: Elyse Kennedy


The loop refers to the looped yarn that is created when the carpet is being manufactured. Unlike cut pile carpets, where the yarns are sheared, the loop is kept in place to create a different texture and look.

These two types can be combined in a Cut and Loop carpet that, as the name suggests, contains both cut and looped tufts. Having the tufts at different levels creates an added texture that carves out patterns in the overall design.

Ulster ØPEN SPΛCES Auckland Concrete Loop Carpet
Ulster ØPEN SPΛCES Auckland Concrete


  • STRENGTH – The manufacturing process creates a strong and durable carpet that will stand the test of time.
  • FINISH – With Loop, Cut Loop and Level Cut Loop options, you can choose from several different finishes.
  • TEXTURE – A Loop carpet looks good and feels good, with the added texture of this process being incorporated into the overall design.
  • MAINTENANCE – Simple, regular maintenance will keep a Loop carpet looking good for longer.

Ulster Habitus Strond Brook
Ulster Habitus Strond Brook


  • MANUFACTURING EXPERTISE – All our Loop carpets are manufactured by Danfloor, an Ulster Group company specialising in the loop tufting process. This expertise is evident in the quality of every carpet.
  • SUSTAINABLE CHOICE – The Habitus, Open Spaces and Natural Choice Textures Loop ranges from Ulster are all made from 100% wool. This rapidly renewable, sustainable material is also naturally soft, warm, and durable.
  • FULL TRACEABLITY – The result of a partnership with Wools of New Zealand, our Open Spaces Laneve collection uses wool that is fully traceable back to the farms that it came from.
  • BACKING BENEFITS – Our Loop carpets are all backed with high tech Ultra Light Bac®. Creating a stronger backing that is also easy to handle, this innovative solution is crease resistant, prevents scratches during installation and it won’t delaminate.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – When it comes to buying carpet, the cost that matters is the final installed price, not the unit price of the carpet. Our Multi Width service provides better value for money by offering a variety of carpet widths to match your requirements. This reduces the amount of carpet waste, the cost of fitting and the overall cost of your carpet.
  • PROVEN EXPERIENCE – We are still owned and run by our founder’s family and our head office has remained on the same site since 1938. That proven experience is reflected in the quality of our carpets.

Ulster grey loop carpet
Ulster ØPEN SPΛCES Queenstown Cadet
Take a closer look at our Loop carpet ranges - Open Spaces, Habitus, and Natural Choice Textures - and create some added texture in your home. Visit our ranges and order up to five free samples to help you make your final decision.

If you’re ready to order, use the Find a Stockist section to find some of the nearest retailers to you.