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Axfelt – The Best Performing 10mm Underlay

Axfelt – our triple-layer 10mm carpet underlay – now has a dedicated section on the Ulster Carpets website.

Here, you can order a free sample and discover more about the best performing 10mm underlay on the market.

With more and more customers keen to learn more about our triple-layer underlay, this new section provides a wide range of important information that details how using a quality underlay can help to significantly extend the life of your new carpet.

axfelt underlay materials

“When thinking about carpet, most customers don’t give too much thought to underlay,” explained Jeremy Wilson, Retail Sales Director At Ulster Carpets. “But a good quality underlay will improve a carpet’s durability and will  increase its lifespan, so it is a worthwhile investment.”

Manufactured in our plant in Devon, Axfelt Triple-Layer 10mm Underlay combines quality with sustainability.

Made from 100% recycled materials, Axfelt is a sustainable product, designed to make a contribution to the reduction of the amount of carpet currently disposed of in landfill in the UK.

The first layer is made from recycled wool, the second from recycled cloth and woven carpet while the third layer is rubber made from recycled lorry and tractor tyres.

Most similar products on the market only have two layers. However, Axfelt’s triple-layer construction provides additional advantages.

Unlike the smooth surfaces on many foam underlays, the top layer works particularly well with carpet. By creating a velcro effect with the woven backing, the carpet is secured in one place, which reduces the likelihood of movement over time.

The recycled wool, cloth and woven carpet increases the insulation credentials of Axfelt. Wool is already a superb insulator and when combined with the three-layer construction Axfelt provides 2.2 tog insulation and 32db sound insulation.

The three-layer construction enhances durability by providing good crush recovery.

These advantages are enhanced further when Axfelt is combined with an Ulster carpet.

To highlight how well they perform together, last year we launched an extended guarantee of up to 10 years* for customers who complement their Ulster Axminster or Wilton with Axfelt Triple-Layer Underlay.

All Ulster carpets come with a six-year guarantee as standard and the additional four years showcases our confidence in how well Axfelt and an Ulster carpet work together.

Visit our new Axfelt page today.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Speak to any Ulster retailer for more information.