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Anatolia: A Modern Day Classic Carpet

Classic Carpet Designs Reimagined

Classic carpet designs never go out of style and our Anatolia range proves just that!

As one of our most enduring and much-loved collections, Anatolia has become a firm favourite with customers over the years. So rather than a complete revamp, the most recent updates to the range were a subtle reimagining that will keep Anatolia relevant to a new generation.

Building on the strength of Anatolia’s quintessentially classic Persian interlacing medallion design, we introduced three new colours that focus on the greys, blues and neutrals found in modern interiors.

Themed around our aspirations of travelling and experiencing other cultures, the three new colours are:

Blue and grey modern classic carpet in sitting room

Aswan – A striking design using greys and blues that are reminiscent of cool stonework colonnades with glimpses of sky and water. The soft heathered greys add a contemporary touch to this colourway, while the use of blues as an accent retains an overall timeless feel that also picks up on the colours in your decorating scheme.

Blue and grey modern classic carpet in bedroom

Souk – This modern classic colour combination reflects the juxtaposition of stone and metalwork – textures of both utility in raw materials and luxury in precious metals. Warmth is added through the use of mustard accent colours while coolness comes from the textured background greys.

neutral modern classic carpet

Bedouin – Taking inspiration from nomadic tribal weavers who use wool to create a home with textiles, Bedouin’s composed combination of warm and cool neutrals is also influenced by the natural landscape. The restful sense of this colourway makes it easy to use in both modern and more classic interiors as the blend of neutrals will complement any scheme.

Delivering an abiding sense of serenity, Aswan, Souk and Bedouin all retain the elegance that is indicative of Anatolia yet make it relevant to modern interior styles.

Perfect as a wall-to-wall carpet or as a flowing stair runner, Anatolia is now available in 13 different colourways and three designs, making it perfect for every type of interior style.

Why not order a free sample and choose your favourite?