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Axminster Carpets by Ulster. The Perfect Choice for Your Home.

For over 80 years, Ulster have manufactured Axminster carpets that stand the test of time.

There is a reason why our Axminster carpets last for so many years and the secret is how we make them.

Over this time, the vast majority of carpets that we manufacture have been Axminster. This centuries-old weaving method continues to stand the test of time and, thanks to the unique way in which we utilise its benefits, an Ulster carpet has durability automatically built-in.

Country House Collection | Beaumont | Granary


Axminster is the name given to this traditional construction method.

The yarn is pulled down by grippers and locked into the backing to form a U tuft. As the backing is woven, the U tuft is held in place by the weft.

In many other weaving methods, the yarn is stitched through the backings and then held in place with an adhesive. But by simultaneously weaving the pile and the backing together, an Axminster carpet is intrinsically stronger and more durable than other types.

This weaving method also provides greater scope in terms of design and colour, which means we can offer more choice to our customers.

Natural Choice Axminster | Rattan


  • DURABILITY – As already mentioned, one of the key advantages is that an Axminster carpet automatically has an inherent strength built into it.
  • PERFORMANCE – The three-dimensional structure of an Axminster reduces the likelihood of tuft loss, fraying or tearing.
  • COLOUR – The dyeing process used for an Axminster carpet ensures greater colour consistency.
  • CHOICE – From neutral tones to eye-catching patterns, a woven Axminster offers a greater choice in terms of colour and design options.
  • MAINTENANCE – Combined with the natural benefits of wool, an Axminster carpet is easy to maintain with simple, regular maintenance.

Fusion | Reverb | Marquee


  • QUALITY CONTROL –Unlike other carpet manufacturers, we can ensure the highest quality levels because we control every step of manufacturing. This starts with the processing of the wool and goes right through to the final weaving of the carpet.
  • UK MADE –We have been making luxury carpets for over 80 years and all of our Axminster carpets are manufactured in the UK on the same site that our company was founded on. We are still owned and run by our founder’s family.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY –We have developed our own patented weaving technology that can create more intricate and detailed patterns while still delivering the same high-quality finish.
  • NATURE’S GOODNESS – All our carpets contain at least 80% wool. As a rapidly renewable material, we can maintain a sustainable supply while also supporting local farmers.
  • FINAL FINISH – All our Axminster carpets are quadruple-sheared. Each cut takes a tiny amount off the pile to give a smoother surface on your finished carpet. All of our
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – When it comes to buying carpet, the cost that matters is the final installed price, not the unit price of the carpet. Our Multi-Width service provides better value for money by offering a variety of carpet widths to match your requirements. This reduces the amount of carpet waste, the cost of fitting and the overall cost of your carpet.

Watercolours | Amulet | Celeste

From Anatolia and Beaumont through to Glenavy, Sheriden and Watercolours, we have 15 different Axminster carpet ranges in over 270 separate colours for you to choose from.

To help you find the right option for your home, you can order up to five free samples on our website to be delivered directly to your door. If you’re ready to order, use the Find a Stockist section to find some of the nearest retailers to you.